Inside Story: My First Vlog

I’ve been having an ongoing conversation with “self value” recently. I’d been feeling awfully inadequate of so many things… scrutinizing my inner environment (self) which has had some evident effects on my outer experience (manifestation). For all of us, it’s easy to get caught up in the illusion that who you are/what you have is…

Sentimentally Yours

For all you cats and dogs far from home, what do you miss most about your culture and communities? And what are some of the ways you find to keep the connection alive? Let’s chat about it. đŸ™‚

Enters Little Leaf

So other day, i was minding my own gd business enjoying the sun set in my quiet place in front of my favorite river, L’Erdre, when a little leaf gently fell off the mighty shelter of a tree above me. With the world passing by around me, and music ambiently flowing through the drums of…

Special Day

Her name means

Praise, Blessings, Joyfulness and Happy.

She is all these things plus

divine beauty and exquisite talent.

Celebrating Synergy

From organizing events, hosting Karaoke, spending her weekend nights managing concert gates, to speaking at creative forums and teaching children to express themselves through painting, Sarah’s support is like a light; a vision of hope to many creatives who may feel undervalued and to those striving to experience theirs.

The Dynamics of Change

The world is in constant motion, and life follows suit- it’s always changing. Seasons come and go, trends and structures live and die; as anything else that exist, yet change is still the hardest thing for most of us to understand, digest or conform to. The change this world experiences with every moment consumes us…

Ici, Ici, c’est le #1 groupe sous les Ă©toiles

Last night i had the surprisingly transforming experience of watching a volleyball match while visiting with a friend in the harbor city of St Nazaire. Both he and i battled with the idea of leaving the warm comforts of home to go for the match but a friend of his really insisted on this, and…


I’m not quite in the mood to express myself via the way of words today; i’m just here to drop this thingies then i’m out again. Both of the videos in this post videos are results of a creative experiment; attempts to visually communicate my thought, feelings and experiences in a new free form. All…

A thing Called Heritage

Recently I’ve been conducting survey to better understand what heritage is (or means) to the millennial generation. To better understand the context of the responses we were receiving through our survey, we decided to compare results from a controlled demographic (young people living in Nantes with a lot of similarities) with that of a highly…